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BIS Broleigh is proud to introduce a selection of new-age kiosk counters that incorporate style and versatility. Our select range of attractive kiosks and utility counters are modular, robust and ideally suited for a range of applications.

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Kiosks and checkout counters are imperative pieces of store equipment. Our kiosk counters are designed with your store in mind. They come complete with all the innovative features that make the most out of your stores checkout zone. They are specifically designed to fit in with the décor of many stores.

Increase retail sales with effective kiosk counters

Checkout counters and kiosks are the point where final transactions take place. You want a product that encourages shoppers to make impulse purchases. It is your last chance to make a profitable sale.
The first and last few seconds of a shopper’s experience are highly important. You want them to enter and leave your store happy. The location and overall look of your kiosk counter is important in setting the mood. Happy customers tend to shop more.
To ensure your customers are comfortable when they arrive at your kiosk, we have designed spacious units that won’t let them feel cramped. With models featuring long or short counters, you will find a fit for your store. Whether you have a high or low traffic checkout zone, we have a counter to suit your requirements.

In-store solutions for the South African retail industry

Getting customers to your checkout counter is indeed a huge retail accomplishment. Make it count with kiosks that add value to the shopping experience. Make your checkout counter and kiosk an inviting place that generates that much needed extra revenue for your business.

We are eager to help your business increase sales and profits with our new-age kiosk counters. Contact us today for any questions or queries you may have regarding any of our products.

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