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Are you looking for world-class point of sale solutions? BIS Broleigh have what you need. We stock a selection of accessories that make your customers checkout experience a satisfying one. Our products cater for all your supermarket or retail store POS needs. Your stores checkout points are prominent impulse buying centres. Make sure you have the correct store equipment that ensures pleasant shopping experiences at point-of-sale.

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Make your cashiers more efficient with scanner boxes, fill-up tills and credit card pedestals designed to make checking out a breeze. Recent consumer demand for faster and more efficient checkout has driven us to develop a selection of products that meet those demands.

Checkout products for the way you do business

Streamline your checkout points and make identification of your products easier, faster and more accurate. For easy navigation and rapid entry, choose our Power Tower unit. It features a swivel credit card arm for customer and cashier convenience.
Your retail or grocery store cashiers can effortlessly use our technology to speed up the checkout experience and avoid customer irritation. Our products are versatile and can accommodate the needs of a wide variety of stores in South Africa. Use them in wholesale or retail shops to provide a better overall customer experience.
Shop our robust cash drawers and tills for retail stores that provide rapid entry of items allowing your cashiers to checkout customers faster. We have partnered with many stores to grow their sales and increase profit margins with our innovative checkout accessories. Stay ahead of your competitors with solutions designed to keep customers coming back.

Make your store more profitable

To find out how BIS Broleigh can make your business more profitable, get in touch with us today. Our checkout solutions are designed to meet the needs of modern retail shops. We are proud to have been part of the success of many prominent retail stores across Southern Africa. Let us be part of yours.

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