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Give your wholesale store an edge over your competitors with dynamic, locally manufactured checkout counters. Our innovative counters are designed specifically for bulk merchandise and suitable for wholesale stores in Southern Africa.

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Our robust systems are equipped with all you need to run an efficient business that yields profits. These highly important pieces of store equipment will make your cashier’s job trouble-free. Choose from sleek, eye-catching designs that improve the overall checkout experience for your customers.

Checkout counters for wholesale stores

Roller conveyor checkout counters make selling heavy bulk goods a breeze. They are ideally suited for large, busy stores. The metal rollers improve store speed and efficiency and offer ultra-smooth conveying of heavy products.

These store checkout counters will play a major role in the success of your shop. Our selection is ideal for any company looking for affordable checkout counters in South Africa. Our styles are versatile and will suit most floor plans and décor.

Made from only the finest quality materials, our bulk checkout counters are built-to-last. They will give you many, many years of service. Use them to create an effective point of purchase in your store.

Ideally suited for use in:

  • Bulk retail or wholesale stores
  • Hardware shops
  • Gardening stores
  • Hypermarkets

Fitted with state-of-the-art POS systems, our Bulk and Massa systems are optimised to ensure you avoid customer irritation.  Your clients will never be stuck in long queues for extended periods of time.

With its sturdy and versatile construction, these units have convenient space for both cashier and customer. If your store needs that competitive edge, choose our bulk checkout counters today and start elevating sales today.

BIS Broleigh look forward to being your chosen supplier of checkout counters for your wholesale store. We promise to deliver our premium products timeously to ensure your project stays on track.

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