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BIS Broleigh are a leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of attractive store shelving for the Southern African market. Create effective, on-the-spot retail shelving with our robust, top-quality store shelving solutions.

Retail shelving supplier

For retail stores wanting to display a large number of items in a limited space, our retail shelves are the ideal solution. Our flexible products enable stores to optimise space and maximise revenue. As manufacturers and suppliers, BIS Broleigh retail shelving is innovative, durable and offers you practical display solutions. Our factory supplies some of the best display systems for retail stores or supermarkets.

Our retail shelving is designed and manufactured in our factory in Durban and then supplied country wide.

Display shelves South Africa

Our functional display shelving allows retailers to create orderly aisles of products throughout their stores. BIS Broleigh shelving products offer maximum flexibility and are suitable for grocery stores, convenience stores, hardware stores and more across South Africa.

Bis Broleigh stock a selection of robust, cost-effective shelving units that will give you many years of retail use. Our smart shelves are professionally designed to handle a vast range of products. The designs will fit in with your store theme and compliment other types of bulk merchandise displays.

Shelving for shops

Our shelving offers retail shops the ultimate in stack ability and versatility. Our products can be used as standalone units or stacked horizontally with other islands. They can make your retail space inviting and give you the ability to create displays that are aesthetically pleasing. BIS Broleigh shelving supplier for shops is designed specifically for the Southern African retail market. Our superbly crafted shelving will match the requirements of your store offering you the ability to change or relocate your displays at any time to suit you and your customer’s needs.

Retail shelving South Africa

BIS Broleigh are a leading supplier of retail shelving aimed specifically at the Southern African market. We have successfully completed projects in Zimbabwe andZambia. We look forward to being your number one supplier and promise to always deliver a sensationally finished product. Get in touch with us today for innovative retail shelving for your store in South Africa

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