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Is your business looking for high-quality racking and storage solutions? You have landed on the right page. BIS Broleigh are leading manufacturers, suppliers and installers of pallet gondolas for bulk merchandisers looking to optimise warehouse floor space.

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We offer pallet racking and shelving storage units to large and small businesses across Southern Africa. Our range is specifically designed to meet all your storage needs. When storing or displaying bulk goods, you need durable, dependable and robust pallet gondolas and Quadratas that meet your requirements.

Racking and storage solutions

Our heavy duty units are ideally suited for bulk storage. Their sleek designs are guaranteed to fit in with the décor of your store or warehouse. They offer easy accessibility and provide a neat and organised storage space. Our units are capable of withstanding large loads, increasing your volumetric storage and saving you money.

Our versatile space saving storage equipment can be used to stack a wide variety of products including groceries, hardware, liquor and more. If your wholesale or retail store is looking to optimise floor space, our products are ideal. They provide many benefits and advantages that include:

  • A safe shelving option – Their firm and robust design keeps them standing firmly in place.
  • Suited for almost any shop space – Pallet gondolas and quadratas fit a variety of floor spaces – From limited space areas to hundreds of square metres.
  • They maximise your shelf space – With gondola shelving accessories, you can easily adjust your shelf space if necessary. Add or remove shelves too suit your needs.
  • Showcase discounts, promotions & product info – By attaching data strips to your shelves, you can inform customers of your product price, availability and more.

Are you ready to purchase one of our bulk storage shelves? Get in touch with our knowledgeable staff today for more information on our products.

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