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Manufacturers and wholesalers of bakery solutions. Entice your customers by displaying your bread and other confectionary products on our bakery shelves and bread display units.

Our bakery solutions are specially designed for use in retail stores, delicatessens, bakeries or coffee shops and more. Professionally showcase your bread, cakes and other freshly baked goods on display stands that attract your customer’s attention.

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Bakery shelves and bread display units

Our bread, egg and confectionery shelving will make your products look appetising. They are designed to maximise store space, enhance your layout design and create an inviting environment.

Our products allow you to create attractive set-ups and make your store organised, attractive and presentable. Our display units are product-focused. They are manufactured using only high quality materials designed to make your display appealing and inviting.

Confectionary display shelves

Tempt customers or visitors to your store to purchase delicious confectionary items on-the-spot. Our gondola shelving for bakery solutions are everything you need to create attractive displays that make your products the centre of attention.

Don’t make presenting your baked goods a challenging task. Our bakery display racks, bread shelves & retail bakery stands will show them off in an appetising way. Our bread and egg shelving units store items neatly and make then highly accessible for your customers.

Retail bread display racks for sale in South Africa

BIS Broleigh are always looking for new ways to revitalise retail stores with innovative shelving and bakery display solutions. Our products are eye-catching and designed to help you increase sales. Whether you have a large or small retail or wholesale store, we have top-class shopfittings that will meet your unique requirements.

Our food merchandising equipment is designed for durability and longevity of use in a variety of store settings. Our bakery display shelves and egg shelving are essential pieces of equipment for any store selling baked goods and food merchandise. For question or queries about the right solution for your business, contact us today.

We supply major retailers with BAKERY SOLUTIONS across South Africa.

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