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BIS Broleigh – Shopfitting Suppliers

BIS Broleigh are manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of shopfittings, offering a full retail instore solution for stores and supermarkets. We are shopfitting suppliers for Southern Africa.

Broleigh Production Components cc was established in 1992, by entrepreneur, Bruce Leighton. Bruce’s engineering background and ambition led to rapid expansion as he continued to identify further needs within the metal component industry. In 2005 the business branched out further into the Retail instore shopfitting sector, where it proudly serves a massive share of the Retail and Wholesale Industry.

From computer-generated design of our products to the professional manufacture of all individual components, powder-coated, assembled, and installed by our qualified teams, to deliver a sensational finished product. Locally manufactured top-quality instore solutions.

Our Top Shopfitting Solutions

Fruit & Veg Solutions

Fruit and veg displays at a supermarket

Display Units

Glass bakery display unit of donuts

Store Counters

Checkout counters in a SPAR supermarket

Gondola Ends

Wire display at check out counter

Trolley Bay/Barriers

Barrier rails in a supermarket

Bakery Solutions

Shopfittings displaying bakery items in a supermarket with shelving


Wire display at check out counter

General Solutions

Magazine and newspaper display shelves


Store shelving filled with different soaps

Platform Trolleys

Trolley basket on wheels with wire sides

We produce
instore solutions to create and enhance exceptional shopping experiences.


Our sales team has over 50 years of professional knowledge and experience as shopfitting suppliers.


Our teams take their work very seriously and will always complete their tasks, efficiently,
timeously and neatly.


Our inspired designers who are intuiative, creative, work with the latest programmes.

Project Management

Our team will assist with the timeous rollout of shopfitting projects and keep in contact with customers.


Our new and improved bigger factory with the best machinery, run by competent skilled staff.


Professionally manufactured, assembled and installed
by our qualified teams, to deliver a sensational finished product.

A world class Shopfitting manufacturing facility that reflects the quality products our customers have come to expect from us.

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